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 Online Resources

    Graduate School & Research
  1. Grad School Talk is intended for people applying to Ph.D. programs in computer science or related areas. It throws some light on many important aspects of graduate life. 
  2. Another great resource which discusses the academic life of a graduate student. If you are planning for Graduate School In your future, this could be quite handy 
  1. The camel has two humps -Authors discuss about the experimentally found out learning pattern among the students joining programming courses.
  2. Stevey's Drunken Blog Rants - Very informative
  3. The state of the art is terrible by Zack Morris

    Online Etiquette

  1. Artificial Ignorance by Anand Iyer     


  1. Chasing the light by Ibarionex Perello [Oct 9,2011]
  2. A great collection of resources by Ken Rockwell [Oct 9, 2011]
  3. Eric Ryan Anderson's Blog [Oct 12, 2011]
  4. Nature Photography articles [Oct 12, 2011]