Final Year Project


  The goal of this project was to equip a robot with the ability to roam around an area and create a “map” of where there are obstacles and where it is free to travel, then to provide the robot with the ability to travel to a user defined position on this created map.  Our obstacles of focus are the walls of narrow corridors creating simple “mazes”.  After creating such a map, the robot would be able to travel to any area of open space on its own.  These systems are very much helpful to survey an area where access to human is very much difficult and risky.. This has got a huge set of applications from home to industry. This has a multitude of applications from bomb disarming robots to rovers that will navigate the surface of other planets

Design of a micro controller based mobile robot system which moves in a certain area and finds out the obstacles in the area (Their position and size). Different algorithms can be implemented on the system by just changing the software and there by test the performance for different algorithms. 





For implementation, we started with a grid of white lines guiding the robot (which will be removed later) on the black background. Robot has IR sensing circuit which helps in the navigation of robot along the lines. There may be some obstacles present at junctions.