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A mechanically controlled bot designed and developed to compete in a game with bots developed by participants from all over India in prestigious Technical Festival of Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, India. This bot can be controlled using a joystick. 


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This machine's task is to play Squash game. With the help of web cam mounter above the squash game arena, the positions of ball and this machine can be known to computer by means of color identification. A program coded in C coordinate the movements of this bot through parallel port.



ROBOCITY an intracollege event

Robocity is an intra college event organized by Center for Cognitive Activities, NIT Durgapur In which I was an executive member. This was the first attempt made by students at NIT Durgapur to popularize robotics in our college.



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G.R.I.P is  a mechanical event at techfest'06 at IIT bombay. The problem statement is to cross a grid of steel popes using some mechanism. We made machine which hangs from the grid of the pipes and having four arms. Whenever it arrives at some junction, it opens its arms one by one and this crosses the intersections of pipes. It got shortlisted in the first prelims where elimination took by considering viedeo.


Iclean is one of the problem statements at IIT bombay's Techfest'06. In this competition, the arena is  grid of white lines. The problem statement is to traverse the region with the help of those lines and clean the space which is filled with some puffed rice. This machine we made never worked. But this taught a good lesson. 


Final Year Project

This project idea is derived from our machine(IClean) which failed to perform at IIT bombay. Under the guidance of Prof Ashish Kumar De, we started this project as a part of our curriculum in seventh semester.




The photos displayed on the sides are winners of the event

This time we thought of having some autonomous robotics competition. But we need participation from first and second year. So the primary and basic autonomous event we organised. That's Line follower the versatile robot. As this is the first time ever in our college to organise a autonomous robotics competition, we had to organise a workshop and that was a great success. Only with two organizers me and sandeepam nandi, we have got nearly 100 participants for workshop. That workshop had a great impact as we taught them how to design a basic bot for line follower. And of course ROBOCITY2k7 was success. There was were more than 50 participants. Out of them we got 6 teams after elimination