Embedded Systems

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 The most loved project of mine. When I was in final year, i was busy organizing events in aarohan2k7. I thought that I could not participate in any of events. But one event caught my attention. I was impressed by that design statement. In that event we had to design a snake game (which we generally see in mobiles), with the help of microcontroller and LEDs. 

 I developed an basic algorithm and a C program for simulation in computer overnight. That algo worked well.  Then programmed at89c52 micro controller and connected to the circuit he made. Its a miracle, it worked quite well in the very first trail. All the estimated delays worked. It was a magic. That way this project was completed much before the schedule. Then  other features like LCD display of score and sounds are added.


 Central Mechanical Engineering Research Instittute

In my second year of UG, I had courses on micro processors. I find myself interested in pursuing projects outside academia for gathering practical experience I took a hands-on course in embedded systems from a research institute situated in durgapur. Based on the performance during the program, I was offered summer internship. After that internship, I continued to work on projects in their lab along with my semester.


Data Logger

This is the project, I have worked on during my summer internship. We have developed a remote data logger that can store or transfer data to computer for analysis of parameters like temperature, sunlight.

Embedded Web Server

 Project group: N.Venkata Krishna, ECE, NITDGP, Rounak kakkar, ECE, NIT DGP. 

In this project, we worked on 8051 based Ethernet kit (EVB8051 evaluation kit). It has got network interface card (IIM7010), EEPROM, at89c51rd2 controller and LCD.   We interfaced the data logger to this embedded webserver through serial port and the device is connected to Intra lan of CMERI.Worked on TCP/IP Stack of embedded systems to facilitate the access to the webserver thorugh internet/LAN. We used BSD network and java to host a auto updating site on this server which provides real time data from data logger unit described above.

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This is a programme organized by Embedded Systems Lab, CMERI. This happened from 17th Jan 2007 to 19th Jan 2007. Fortunately, our project got over on 10th Jan 2007, and we got chance to present it in that programme.